Tecumseh - Gr. 4

1. How did you think of this story?
It was a car ride story for my young daughter. She liked dinosaurs and jumping in puddles when she was younger.

2. Why did you pick a dinosaur?
Dinosaurs were so big...and dead. There's a lot of room to imagine what they would be like. Plus, it's my daughter's favourite animal.

3. How did you pick your good "sound" words?
I had to test them out quite a bit. I would say them out loud to see if they sound good, and get others to hear them, too. If I get a giggle from young children then those "sound" words are good.

4. How did you decide on the title?
Test out the sound and see which one sounded good. Not too short or too long. Seek opinion from others.

5. How long did it take you to write this story?
3 months of retelling the story in the car, then I wrote it out and had to stop because of other work, and went back to write again. So, all the time that I spent on the story stretched out to about 9 months, but the actual writing and drawing part is a little over 3 months.

6. Do you have any other ideas for other books?
Yes. I have a second story to "Puddles or Lunch?" in my head already! I just need time to put it down on "paper".

7. How do those ideas come into your head?
I daydream a lot…and I have a bag full of interesting brainstorming techniques that I use.

8. Did you study art in University?
I studied science in university. I learn a lot of the art principles on my own. I read a lot of books, looked at a lot of pictures, comic books, and art books. And I used to copy them,  draw and paint a lot. Eventually, I developed my own style  and can draw anything I like!

9. Why are there dragon flies on each page?
The dragon fly is curious about the little dinosaur's antics. I think they would be very good friends later.

10. What made you want to write about a dinosaur?
Dinosaur is very cool! They were so huge and they don't exist anymore.

11. Did the similar things happened to you too?
As a child, I never liked wet feet. So, I avoided puddles. As a mom, I would definitely make sure my daughter cleans her muddy feet first before coming in the house.

12. How long does it take to write a book?
3 months of retelling the story in the car, then I wrote it out and had to stop because of other work, and went back to write again. So, all the time that I spent on the story stretched out to about 9 months, but the actual writing and drawing part is a little over 3 months.

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David Oppenheimer - Gr. 3

1. What do you think is the most important part of a story...do you write that part first?

The most important part of my story ( a mother's message to her child ) somehow is just there.  I don't write that part first. I usually start with a story that gets giggles from my test subjects (my daughter and husband) first.

2. How do you decide who gets to draw the pictures for your book?

I like drawing my own pictures. However, I am happy to see someone else draw pictures for my books, too.

3. How many books have you made?  How many were published?

I made books since I was in elementary school. "Puddles or Lunch?" is my first published book.

4. Have you written a biography? Has anyone written one about you?

I've never written a biography. I don't think I want one written about me, yet. I have to achieve more before that should happen.

5. What is your favorite book that you have read?

I have so many! "For the Love of Evil" by Piers Anthony. "Not a Penny More, Not a Penny Less" by Jeffery Archer. I like comic books, too. "Inuyasha" is my favourite.

6. Did your story turn out differently than you expected? Did your story start as a different idea?

The story of "Puddles or Lunch?" started and ended pretty much with what I had in mind.

7. How did you get your idea? How long did you think about it for?

I have a few ideas generating techniques that work for me. My best ideas come to me when I have a blank mind. I can come up with a story that I am happy with in about 2 hours on a very good day.

8. Did you ever have a mistake on your good copy?


9. Why did you want to be an author?  Did you consider other jobs?

I have many stories to tell! I had many jobs. All the jobs I had before help me tell my stories.

Taylor Park K - 3

•    Why does the dinosaur like to step in the puddle?
Because it’s fun!

•    Was this the first time the little dinosaur couldn’t come in after jumping into puddles?
I think the mother didn’t want to clean the floors anymore.

•    How did she know the water was cold? What made it look cold?
She didn’t know. That’s why she tested the water with her foot first.

•    Why did you write the book?
The story was a car ride story that my daughter enjoyed very much. Less importantly to ‎young children, as a parent I got to sneak in some important life lessons in there. Think of it like sneaking in vegetables in vegetable-avoiding-children’s meals.

•    Why doesn’t the dinosaur have a name?
It is so anyone can be the little dinosaur, regardless of your name.

•    Are puddles really comparable to lunch?
This is a very mature question. So, I will try to answer it maturely. Those are 2 different things. They are not comparable. It’s a choice. I want to bring out the fact that sometimes what we want to do (e.g. Having fun stomping in puddles) can prevent us from what we need (e.g. Having lunch). The solutions to this dilemma are: timing and the ability to problem solve. Don’t jump in puddles and have lunch too close together. Or better yet, find ways to cleanup your mess first, then have lunch. You can have both what you want and what you need if you time them and manage them properly.

•    When did you write Puddles or Lunch?
I finished writing and illustrating the book in June 2014.

•    Why did the dinosaur step in the ant hills?
She did not know what they were. She thought they can perhaps clean her feet so she can have her lunch.

•    Why did the dinosaur stomp in the puddle three times?
I can’t think of anyone who would deliberately step in a puddle just once. I think...the first stomp is a test, the second stomp is committing to stomping in the puddle and getting wet. The last stomp is just enjoying the puddle.

•    Why did you use a pattern in the book – ( every sound was three times)?
Repeating the sounds three times sounds good.

•    How did you add so much detail?
In layers. First layer is mud, then leaves, then rocks, then ants.

•    Did you make everything in the book?

•    How long did it take to write this book?
I started writing the story in February 2014 and finished illustrating the book in June 2014. I had to stop working on the book a little during that period because of other work obligations. If I had to condense all the time I spent working on the book, it would have been about 3 months.

•    What kind of fish was in the soup?
Onchopristis;  an ancient sawfish

What kind of dinosaur is she?

•    Why was the soup and fish purple?
Well, I picked purple for the fish, so I think a purple fish should produce purplish soup.

•    Why is the mother green?
I think the mother preferred vegetables or green fishies.

•    Why was the main character a dinosaur?
This was a car ride story for my daughter.  She always wanted a girl dinosaur story.

•    How old is the dinosaur?
Hmm…she would be as old as a 5 year old human child.

•    Why did she step in another puddle after lunch?
She loved stomping in puddles!

•    Why did the dinosaur not think before stepping into different things?
She was testing to see if different things can help clean her feet!

•    Where is her dad?

Oh, the Dad is around. He will be in the 2nd story.