False Creek Results

Wow! Over 40 contest entries! Thank you all so much for sharing your wonderful work! Congratulations to Peyton (Gr. K, Div 10), Sofia (Gr. 2 Div 7), and Lauren (Gr. 3, Div 6). Special mention to:  Alex (Gr.1 Div 10), Sidney H. (Gr.2 Div 7), Dillon F. (Gr. 2 Div 7), Colette B. (Gr. 2 Div 7), Leen (Gr. 3 Div 5), Bracken (Gr. 3 Div 5), Isabella (Gr. 3 Div 6), and Madison (Gr. 3 Div 6). Thank you to Ms. Chau for all your help!


Drawing/Writing/Colouring Contest Rules

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Taylor Park Results

Congratulations to Libib, Mia, and Bodria, winners of the Colouring/Drawing/Creative Writing Contest from Taylor Park Elementary! Good job to everyone who participated in the contest, too! It was agonizing trying to pick the winning work because there were so many creative and awesome looking entries. You did not want to be in my shoes. In the end I had to pick 3, each from grade 1, 2, and 3.  (I didn't see any Kindergarten entries.) I had to make a special mention to Marc Y. and Nathan W. , both of Div. 11. Even though you didn't win a book from me, you won my attention! Your fabulous entries made me look 3 or 4 times. Keep up the creative work, everyone!

David Oppenheimer Results

Thank you for your patience. After much deliberation, I finally picked 3 winning working amongst all the fantastic entries! Congratulations to Luke (Gr. 3, Div 8), Phoebe (Gr. 4, Div 10), and Kylie (Gr. 3, Div 8)! Special mention to: Bryelle Y., Emily (Gr.3 Div 9), Ian F. and Jessica G.  Thanks everyone for sharing your work! Thank you to Ms. Lee for all your help!

Tecumseh Results

Congratulations to Daniel, winner of the Colouring/Drawing/Creative Writing Contest from Tecumseh Elementary! Good work to everyone who participated in the contest, too! Special mention to Ihsan and Pheonix, both of Gr. 1, Div. 15. Your colourful work cheers me up! Keep up the creative work, everyone!

For example:

  • Taylor Park Elementary's author visit was on Dec. 4th.
  • The Colouring Contest ends Dec. 9th.
  • The winning work will be posted here on Dec. 11th.
  • The prizes will be delivered to your school Dec. 18th or the next school day.
Nutnay Press

Taylor Park Results

Arghh! Another tough process of selecting the winning work. There are so many funny entries that made me giggle. After much torment, I finally picked 2. Congratulations to Ella (Gr. 4, Div 7) and Hazim (Gr. 4, Div 7)! Special mention to Div 9's Maria and Div 7's: Ryan, Colt, David L., Tia Kinkar, Gabriel, David Xia, Eduardo, Emma, and Andrea! Thank you everyone for sharing your work! Also, much thanks to Mr. Woo and Ms. Zimmerschied for all your help! Annnddd thank you to Emma Ding for your lovely fan mail! It makes me super happy as I write my new book!

Tyee Results

Congratulations to "Tsahvi" and Nathan Leong! Thanks to everyone for sharing your wonderful work, too! And of course, thank you to Ms. Evans for all your help!

Laurier Annex Results

Congratulations to Aiden, Daniel Li,  and Oscar, winners of the Colouring/Drawing/Creative Writing Contest from Laurier Annex Elementary! Again, it was difficult choosing the winning work out of so many fabulous and creative entries! Thank you to all the busy teachers and parents for helping the students to send in the entries! Special mention to Kai (Kindergarten), Tyson (Div 2 ), and Lars (Gr. 1, Div 3)! Keep up the creative work, everyone!

  1. For schools, libraries, or clubs that Anna visited.

  2. Showcase your imagination! Draw in the background, draw in new characters and/or write some words about what is going on! Colour in the art! Use your imagination and go wild! Write your name, school, grade and division on the colouring page, please!

  3. Snap a picture or scan your best and most creative colouring page and email it to                                                                  .

  4. You may win an autographed book with a one of a kind doodle in it!

  5. Contest ends 5 days after the author visit.

  6. Winners' work will be posted on this page 7 days after the author visit.

  7. Prizes will be delivered to your school or library 2 weeks (or the next school day) after the author visit!